Key Biscayne

It is a little treasure island in Florida. We can discover a variety of beauty here. It is located south of Miami Beach and east of Miami, to which it is connected via Rickenbacker Causeway. We travelled to the well-known Cape Florida Lighthouse which can be found in the Bill Baggs State Park and Recreation Area. The original lighthouse was built in 1925. It was 65 feet lower, and it was still possible to reach the top by climbing wooden spiral staircase. It has been attacked and burned in 1936. From 1955 to 1956 it was rebuilt. Nowadays, it is 95 feet and the stairs are made from iron. I was amazed when we climbed to the top. We could see so far away! The buildings of Miami seemed to be so small! When I looked down I started to feel dizzy. Instead of staring down I decided to focus on my camera and I shot a few pics. I almost have lost in details when I heard the voice of a bell. I realized that I was alone on the top of the tower, and it had to be a reminder that I should be down. The lighthouse keeper waited for me, he wanted to close the door. The coast was wonderful despite the weather, but I can imagine how it looks like when the sun is shining! I can still remember the smell of the air!







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