I was so happy when I got to know that we traveled to Miami with my husband on our honeymoon! It was marvelous, enthralling and gripping! We spent a week there and we tried to discover as much as possible! It is a completely different city than the others where ever we travelled. Our wealth of experience enriched there. We must go back! We’d like to go back! We’ll go back soon!

The next photos represents my first impressions. We took a long trip from our hotel to this place. I remember that I couldn’t believe that I was there!

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We visited Little Havanna which is known as the center of the social, cultural and political events in Miami. Here we can find numerous coffee houses, finest cigar factories and traditional restaurants.  It takes place for several festivals, too.

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We went on an excursion to the Everglades. The meeting point was in the always teeming Port of Miami. We had enough time to take a walk and shoot some photos. The weather was a bit melancholic, but it didn’t take away our spirit!

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We rambled a lot on the Ocean Drive. It is the center of Miami’s Art Deco Quarter. Under the protection of about 900 houses can be found here. One of the most famous is the Casa Casuarina where the well-known fashion designer, Gianni Versace was killed. The life is really sparkling! It is full of restaurants, bars, coffee shops! If we looked around quite carefully, we could see celebrities, too. This street is not only from the music loud, but also from the sound of the miraculous and special cars.

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